Setting up the Macintosh for access to the internet.

  1. Print These Instructions before you start !!!
  2. Be sure you have a copy of Mac Point & Click
  3. Be sure you have a System 7.01 or better
  4. Be sure you have 5-6 MB of hard drive space free
  5. Install Point and Click, by clicking on "Install Me!"
  6. Pick a location for the files to be copied, (Hard disk is a good choice)
  7. Once Install is complete click on "cancel" to exit the installation program.
  8. Go into your control pannel, there is a new section called "Mac TCP" click on it.
  9. A new screen pops up with 2 icons, PPP and Local Talk, be sure PPP is blacked out. It should look like this
    Mac CP1
  10. Click on "more"
  11. A screen like this one should appear.

    Mac TCP

    Set it up as shown.

  12. Press "OK" and then close the window for Mac TCP
  13. Go into the Control Pannel and pick "Config PPP"
  14. A screen like this should appear
    Config PPP
  15. Now click on "Config..." and the following screen shows
    Config PPP
  16. Configure as shown, then click on LCP options, and click default, then done, on the screen that looks like this.
  17. Click on IPCP Options and again click on default, then done.
  18. Click on Authentication, then enter your username and password NOTE: These are case sensitive and must not include the ""
  19. Then Click on "Connect Script..." and the following screen appears
  20. Make it match the above example and click on "OK"
  21. Then Close all the open windows by clicking on ok for each.
  22. Now the MOST important step Shutdown, then POWER OFF! , without a power off it won't work

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