Setting Up Windows 95 To use Dial-up Networking in Windows 95


1. Be sure you have your Windows 95 CD-ROM or Floppy Disks Handy
2. Leave plenty of time to set up, (some computers take 20 minutes)
3. Click on the Start Button.
4. Slide up to Settings
5. Slide across to Control Panel

Control Panel

6. Double Click on Add/Remove Programs

7. Click the tab labeled Windows Setup

Add remove / Programs

8. Then bring the scroll bar down to Communications
9. Click Details


10. Put a Check mark in the Dial-up Networking box and Click OK
11. Windows will now install Dial Up networking for you.
12. Now Double Click on "My Computer"
13. Double Click on Dial-up Networking
14. Double Click on Make New Connection

Fill out this screen as the graphic indicates Your modem will either be standard 28.8k or 14.4k modem MAKE SURE YOU PICK STANDARD 28.8 or STANDARD 14.4 (if they are not listed install one in the control pannel under modems, then pick add, then pick "Do not detect my modem I'll pick it from a list.)
press NEXT
15. Fill out this screen as the graphic indicates and press NEXT

Make New Connection

After you have clicked NEXT this screen should appear.

Make New Connection

17. Click Finish.
Now we have to add TCP/IP Networking (The language your computer uses to talk to the Internet) to your computer.

Adding TCT/IP to your Dial-up Adapter (Networking)

1. Click on Start
2. Slide up to Settings
3. Slide over to Control Panel
4. Double Click on Networking

This Screen Should appear


I Cannot stress enough that the ABOVE SCREEN MATCHES EXACTLY,
if you have a problem it probably stems from this screen 99% of the time this screen cannot deviate at all from the above example,
this means if your screen has 3 TCP/IP's on it remove 2 of them !!

5. Now click on ADD

Select Network Component Type

6. Pick Protocol and click add

Select Network Protocol

7. Pick Microsoft, and TCP/IP from the lists and Click OK
Windows will install the needed files from disk
8. Now Click on TCP/IP
9. Click on Properties (the following screen will appear)
10. Click on IP Address from the tabs at the top of the screen.
11. Obtain IP Address Automatically Must be checked off
12. Click on Gateway type (your ISP'S Numbers) Press Add
(the address you typed will move down to the lower box)

TCP/IP Properties

14. Now Click on DNS Configuration click Enable DNS
15. In the box labeled DNS Server Search Order
16. Type (Your providers DNS Numbers) and press add
17. type (Your providers secondary DNS Numbers and press add
18. in the Host box type in your login ID
19. in Domain type in yours providers domain name

TCP/IP Properties

20. Press OK
21. In the next screen Press OK
22. The computer will now need a reboot
23. press OK to reboot the machine
24. You are now setup for Dial up networking
Then Type "EXIT" and REBOOT the computer.
25. Now to connect to the Internet open up "My Computer" open Dial-up networking and Click on "Internet Providers Name" (You could drag this icon onto the desk top making a short cut)
This screen will show up

Connect To

26. Type in your user name in the User name box
27. Type in your Password in the Password box
28. Check off save password (this may not work on all installations)
29. Click Connect
30. The computer will dial and go through a login sequence once you see a "Connected" screen Surf the net !

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